Today's Conservation Gauge

Thursday 10/20                       
Friday 10/21

Today's Load Control

If you participate in an EnergyWise® off-peak program, you can determine if load control will impact you today or tomorrow by visiting Great River Energy's load management guide.

Visit the load management guide

Learn how load control receivers work

Thank you for participating. You help keep rates as low as possible for all members.


Outage Information:

If you are experiencing a power outage, call Dakota Electric at 651-463-6201 or 1-800-430-9722.

Learn more about reporting outages
Learn how to stay safe during outages
Learn how power is restored

Energy Savings Goal

Dakota Electric strives to help members lower their energy bills by using electricity more wisely. In 2016, Dakota Electric has a goal of helping members save 16.4 million kilowatt-hours with our rebate programs.

Energy Savings Achieved
This graph shows how we are doing on the goal of saving energy through our rebate programs. We are doing really well, having saved more than 14.4 million kWh. So far, businesses have saved more than 11.5 million kWh and residential members have saved nearly 3 million kWh. Thank you to all who are helping save electricity by using our rebate programs!


Energy-Saving Resources
Off-peak programs
Energy tips


Teachers can receive McGruff kits for students

McGruff, the crime-fighting dog, has safety kits available for children. Dakota Electric has made them available for teachers.

HealthPartners names Dakota Electric as award winner

HealthPartners named Dakota Electric as the mid-sized Workplace Wellness Spotlight Award winner at the Minnesota Society for Human Resource Management Conference on October...

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